My journey started when I could not find a solution for my own skin. I've battled with eczema since I was born and it only seemed to get worse as I got older. After years of dermatologists & doctors visits I thought there must be a natural option out there for me, so I completed a course in creating my own Natural Skincare products.

I also have my beautiful little girl, Harper. As a new mummy I want the very best for my babies. So my mission was to create the very best products for my whole family. On my search I have been amazed at the healing properties that are in natural products. I also believe that diet and lifestyle have a big effect on our bodies, so we try and lead the healthiest life we can and nourish our bodies from within.

As a mum, I know you will want the very best for your baby on the way or new baby, so I have created products that I know as a new mum you will want and need. Some Essential Oils are not recommended for use when you are pregnant, so all of my products are designed so that they are safe for use in pregnancy & breastfeeding.

What I have created has been tried and tested on myself and my family before it hits the shelves. I only sell the products that I fall in love with and truly believe is effective. You know that feeling when something is so amazing, that you have to just get it out there & share it? I just couldn't not share these beautiful products that I use for myself, my baby, my family & my friends.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

Courtney x

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