• Apply our Baby Bump Balm to your baby bump or any area affected by stretch marks to keep the skin soft & supple as it stretches. Enriched with Lavender & Mandarin. Now featured in a glass Amber jar.

    Baby Bump Balm

    SKU: 000010
    • Perfect for mums to be, this keeps the skin soft and soothed as it expands & assists with stretch marks. Very few essential oils can be used in pregnancy. This Baby Bump Balm contains Lavender & Mandarin which are perfectly safe for use from the second trimester. However, always consult your doctor or midwife before use. Lavender is healing for scars & soothes allergies, indicated for stretch marks. Mandarin has strong skin cell regenerative properties & helps to soften and tone skin tissue. This Balm also contains Avocado Oil which is nourishing & rich in Vitamins E & D. Rosehip Oil is great for skin regeneration.

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